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Spiritual politics

Politics has sure been in the air lately!

I suppose many would view politics as strictly a human activity where we all have our own personal views. And some of us have very strong personal views!

Because of this, I used to think politics was for the most part, argumentative, petty and ineffective—but a statement from Mary Baker Eddy helped raise my thoughts on the subject. She wrote: “I am asked, “What are your politics?” I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government; to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself.”

To me, this statement raised the human concept of politics to a spiritual level. Our ability to change and save our world (not just our country) is all about God’s government; our love for Him and for others. In other words, the most important vote we can cast is for God’s will to be done, and to realize His will and His thought is infinitely beyond our own opinions, no matter how much we think we are right.

As the presidential race in the US moves on towards the election next year, let’s raise our standard higher than just talking up our own candidate and talking down the others. Each day, let’s cast a prayerful vote that really matters—to declare that God is governing each of them and each of us.

And yet, to really affirm our love for God requires two things of us. First, to love God means to calmly, confidently trust Him. No more emotional outbursts! Second, to love God requires that we love all the candidates—not just the ones we like. They are all God’s children you know, even if we think some don’t act like it.

When you really get down to it, there is no greater way to support a campaign and no more effective way to “support a righteous government.”

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8 Responses to “Spiritual politics”

  1. Loral says:

    That was perfect . Thank you I can totally know that that is the absolute right decision loral

  2. Marianne says:

    Thank you Phil, this is so helpful. In their own way
    They are doing their highest sense of right, and we can
    Love them for that. Even if we don’t agree.

  3. Ginny says:

    Thanks very much, Phil. This is most timely. I have been tempted to humanly take sides and get involved in making phone calls to swing ridings, as a way of making a difference in Canada’s Oct. 19th election. I’m grateful to have realized, today, the futility of this approach, and — before I read your blog — I made a commitment to PRAY for justice, equality, and a righteous government, and to leave the outcome to God, universal Truth and impartial Love.

  4. brightlight says:

    I truly believe in my heart that Love governs and wisdom rules…and I leave it there.

  5. Joan Hamlin-Chapin says:

    Thank you, Phil.
    Very good thoughts for a very loved country. We can do the right thing regardless of who is sitting in the White House.