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There’s no doubt it asks a lot.  And I’m not talking about church attendance or how often we read the Bible lesson.  I’m not talking about mindless obedience to some church doctrine either.

This is about the dedication needed to bring effective healing to ourselves and others.  The discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, does make it clear that in order to be a real Christian healer we need to be dedicated to its teachings and in our love for others.  This world desperately and increasingly needs what Christian Science offers—through you!

Some of us, when we learn of this desperate need for public healing, are instantly motivated to dig in and take the practice of Christian Science further.  However, others may have a tendency to be so overwhelmed that they simply shut down in the face of such an immense undertaking.

I understand.  It can seem too much to ask; especially when you feel that your past efforts have not been that successful.

So, I present two ideas that, to me, are far less daunting.  In other words, you don’t have to heal the world by tomorrow!  All you have to do is begin with these too small steps.

  1. Give mental consent to the prospect of healing others.  Just say, “Yes” to the idea of helping, blessing, comforting and praying for others as the opportunities come up.  This may seem like such a simple thing, but it is actually a huge step forward. 
  2. Look for the opportunity.  Now that you’ve given consent, expect to actually find people to heal.  For instance, don’t simply walk by that person who is coughing; pray about what to do.  Don’t just listen to someone’s tale of woe; pray what to do about it.  You may be guided to say nothing or something or to offer prayer.  But if God is guiding you and not fear then your efforts will be the natural result of your love for God and them. 

Looking for opportunities is an easy thing to forget, but it may help motivate us to remember how much that person at the gas pump or in the grocery store may need your thought, words and prayer.

I think you’ll find that these two steps practiced on a daily basis will make a huge difference in your outlook, spiritual discernment, growth and practice of Christian Science.  And hopefully, these small efforts will seem doable to anyone.  But what I really like is that by doing this, you instantly join the ranks of those who are taking up the healing demands of Christian Science.  And that’s got to feel good.

19 Responses to “Does Christian Science ask too much?”

  1. nela says:

    Thanks, Phil, for the “two step.” 😉 Sounds like a joyful way to gain competency in being God’s image and likeness on “the world stage.” What a privilege to be a Christian Scientist, witnessing my holy purpose unfolding day-by-day. “This is an element of progress, and progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil” (S&H 233).

  2. nela says:

    Oops! I just realized I didn’t answer, “Does Christian Science ask too much?” Yes, if you don’t want to challenge “every ill that flesh is heir to” through the healing power of Christianity like the Masters. No, if you do. 😉

  3. Karen says:

    Wonderful! Thank you Phil! And thank you Nela for your response. Lately, I have been giving a lot of prayerful thought to to these statements by Mrs. Eddy from Miscellaneous Writings on page 177- “will you doff your lavender – kid zeal, and become real and consecrated warriors? Will you give yourselves wholly and irrevocably to the great work of establishing the truth, the gospel, and the Science which are necessary to the salvation of the world from error, sin, disease, and death? Answer at once and practically, and answer aright!” Of course I answer, YES! YES! But at times it can seem a little tough. Then I remember that “simplicity” of Christliness, profoundly and so lovingly spelled out for us in your “two steps” Phil! It doesn’t have to be hard. I recall attending a church Board meeting at one time. While waiting for the meeting to begin, the gentleman across from me began to cough. I remember simply closing my eyes and thanking our dear Heavenly Father for His love filling that room, for the presence of the one divine Mind being the only Mind present. Suddenly the coughing stopped. The fellow member and I just smiled at each other. I wasn’t treating his thought just acknowledging God’s Allness! It was so quick and taught me so much of taking God’s side in all situations we are confronted with. Love this post…thank you again Phil! So grateful to be a Christian Scientist!

  4. Mark Rogers says:

    Fine job Phil!

  5. Mara Cavazza says:

    O, indeed Phil, how wonderful and how christly-simple it can be, just listening to a friends sorrowful reports of trouble, sickness, unhappiness and without trying to even mentally correct her -this is right that is wrong- just knowing, as Keren writes, that divine Love is present and governs both of us, seeing us as perfect, as the image of God, brings very interesting results. It remains naturally the question, is it too much required of me, when the friend leaves, joyious, happy and free, to correct my own thought regarding her, with the “tools” of Christian Science? Well, it is unavoidable. Once you are in it, you better keep on track and keep answering.
    Thank you Phil for your inspiring comments.

    Much Love,


  6. Bonnie C says:

    What a great way to begin the public practice! My work has required a lot of traveling on planes, which really opened up a new dimension of praying for mankind. With the attitude you shared in step #1–all kinds of opportunities present themselves. I remember the first time I realized that my prayer could bless all of the passengers on the plane, when a baby who was in obvious distress would not stop crying. The immediacy of the peace that came when I reached out to acknowledge God’s comforting presence embracing that child and the whole plane with His love had such a quick response. It works every time! Our willingness to step up and address any need is a blessing to mankind. Thanks, Phil for that great reminder to step up to our responsibility as healers!
    Bonnie C

    • Phil says:

      And what a change that would be bring to our church if every member were doing what you described.
      Thanks so much Bonnie!

  7. Two-Stepping-with-truth says:

    Thank you for this encouragement, Phil. Our desire to help and heal comes right from Mind, God,
    so with that desire comes the reflected ability to “know the truth,” for “the truth will set (you-me-us) free,” as the Master Christian, Christ Jesus, asks us to do.
    I have to be alert to always know the truth and to then LEAVE THE FIELD TO GOD. No need to “fix” His Universe. No need to manage it or try to control things. (Ask me how I know these don’t work very well!! :<) Truth does the work! (Mrs. Eddy says this, doesn't she?) I need to witness, to actively engage in witnessing how it is that God, Truth, divine Mind, is the only Mind and Life of all. There is just ONE universe! One-Verse, One-Song! And we are….IT!
    Healing is the revealing of the facts. (I think you know this, tho, huh, dear Phil!)


  8. Lee says:

    I’m late getting to this email as I was out of town and didn’t do a lot of email checking. I love the article. All churches need to be asking themselves this question. It could be a key turnaround point. I loved Karen’s response and Mrs. Eddy’s comments in Misc. Writings. Again…we should all be asking/doing. Our movement would propel rapidly if our response is “YES.”

  9. Awakening-to-Truth says:

    I think all who have glimpsed and have accepted Truth, to some extent, can’t help
    but “heal” ~ that is, awaken increasingly to the truth of God and man.
    This awakening/acceptance in turn, automatically ‘awakens’ (affects positively) all within the range of their thought and lives. That is: knowing the truth sets free, as Christ Jesus promised.
    As Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.” (SH 477)
    I understand this to mean that as we awaken to Truth, we are enabled to see God’s likeness in ourselves and our fellow man. This “heals” us, or rather, we SEE the fact of our own and others’ wholeness, health. Since this acts as law, is automatic, we needn’t fret that we as individuals and as church groups should be doing more, much more…but I think it means we should be doing more yielding/accepting Truth! Truth then takes care of everything else! This does not mean we are or should be passive, but I like to keep the principle of how it works uppermost in thought.
    Mrs. Eddy tells us to: “… destroy the foe, and leave the field to God, Life, Truth, and Love, remembering that God and His ideas alone are real and harmonious.” (SH 419)

    So, considering my comments, I guess my answer to Phil’s question is: No.

    Thank you again, Phil.


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  12. Maria Cavazza says:

    Dear Phil,

    I am most grateful that you are there and thanks to all Christian Scientists who so bravely hold on the the Standard of Christian Science. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. No, there is no other place to go, even if the going seems lonely at the moment in Europe. The question if Christian Science asks too much I can only reply that it is not an asking at all it is a MUST.
    There is no other way then to live it, which includes healing all which is contrary to PRINCIPLES creation. No choice at all but to heal all which claims other power than God, good. I asked my friend yesterday, what I could do for her, who was feeling ill. She seemed to have influenza. She named all she had available for her cure, so there was nothing more she needed. Inspired by your blog, I ventured in asking if I should pray for her to which she gave her consent. No surprise at all times hat she feels well again today. Our praying is not just according to a situation but all day, and often night as well, is constant praying in knowing Gods, Loves presence everywhere. No other way.


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