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Whether it’s a health problem terrifying you, or the violent terrorism taking place around the world it can seem so overwhelming that you become in awe of it. Such awe tends to paralyze us with fear. And yet, what’s needed is to be in awe of God instead of the terror around us. It is the opposite of fear where divine Love is present.

The Psalmist said in the face of worldwide destruction, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Mary Baker Eddy spoke about accidents in a very broad sense when anything bad happens. She wrote: “When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, ‘I am hurt!’ Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real. Now reverse the process.”

These aren’t just feel-good positive statements like you find so often on social media.  The above quotes help us to tap into the only power there really is—the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God—our Father/Mother—our ultimate and complete protection.

It is our spiritual understanding of God that not only squelches fear, but establishes us under His divine authority. This is how Christian Science not only heals, but how it protects us from all evil.

When this evil is screaming at you, keep this thought in front of you (again from Eddy): “The calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace.”

If you’re not at peace, you can’t be in a state of spiritual apprehension. In other words, by gaining spiritual apprehension or a spiritual understanding of God, you also find yourself at peace.

I’m not talking about being passive or docile, but an active knowing and understanding that our Father is here, right now, loving, defending and holding us. And that peace, that spiritual awe of the Most High is what manifests His power in you—a power that brings real blessings to you and those around you.

These are the processes that reverse fear. Being still and knowing that God is, establishes “His kingdom come.” I’ve seen this practical safety and protection at work, both on world violence issues and personal/bodily ailments.

So when that first inclination is to be overwhelmed by the enormity right in front of you, turn to God instead. Pray to realize how amazing He is and all the love, power and good that comes from Him. Instead of being terrorized, you become a force for good. Instead of a victim, a healer.

16 Responses to “Being in awe of God, not terrorism”

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you, Phil! As usual your comforting thoughts are right on point, as well as supporting our prayers for the world.

  2. Lori Marquart says:

    Thanks so much, Phil, for this very inspiring and helpful message. It can be tempting to take in all of the bad news so graphically reported on TV. But I keep knowing that the kingdom of heaven is here right now and that God is the only power

    • Phil says:

      That’s why we have to be the “real consecrated warriors” our Leader expected us to become!
      thanks Lori

  3. Lee says:

    Good ideas. There seems to be so much to be overwhelmed about! But we have many good tools to deal with it!

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks so much for this reminder to allow nothing but God’s Allness into our consciousness. Acknowledging only God’s omnipotent goodness opens the door to see His omnipresence right where the mortal picture is. I am also grateful for the article from The Christian Science Monitor that found the love being reflected right in the midst of carnage.
    I kept being reminded that “Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods.” today.

  5. Melvyn Howe says:

    Such a clear and loving reminder of the importance of refusing to be mesmerised by the dramatic footage and adjective-laden commentary being beamed almost constantly into out living rooms and onto our phones. That doesn’t mean to say we are uncaring. Quite the contrary, in fact. By clearing our mental decks, refusing to be overwelmed by the mortal picture and consciously focusing on the reality that is God, we are so much better spiritually positioned to pray for those affected by these incidents and then broaden those prayers of comfort and peace to embrace the entire world.

  6. Bill Scott says:

    Thanks for the timely and helpful article Phil; your title says it all!

  7. nela says:

    Thanks Phil. RE: “… not … about being passive or docile, but an active knowing and understanding that our Father is here, right now … And that peace, that spiritual awe of the Most High is what manifests His power in you—a power that brings real blessings to you and those around you.” This is what’s so powerful about Christian Science – acknowledging, accepting, and applying “that peace” based on Divine Law and upon which all and ONLY Good/Divine Love-itself can be expected, witnessed, and expressed with “scientific certainty.” As you say, “active knowing … manifests His power in you” not “passive or docile” to “paralyze” and so check the healing that reveals the Truth that’s always true. A true peace; not a false “peace,” which is only fear pretending. Awe-inspiring article! A thorough treatment! Thanks again, Phil.

  8. Linda Hanson says:


    Thanks so much for this article. Being a force for good is exactly what we need. As I was commuting this morning and listening to public radio, thought is expanding into concern about the safety of any place in confronting terrorism. Your ideas are right on track. We can never be in a place that is not already governed by and protected by the divine Principle that is God. I also loved Robin’s Daily Lift that reminded me not to be tempted to blame anyone, but take the Christ example and forgive.
    Sharing your inspiration and all of the responses have been tremendously helpful.