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Be the healer in politics

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog on “Love is not a spectator sport.”  It was a call to be far less passive and far more proactive when it comes to loving and healing others.

Well, it looks like the same message is needed when it comes to politics.  Facebook and other social media sites seem to be outlets for a bleacher mentality.  Being a Christian Scientist, to me, is a call to think deeply (scientifically) about the mentality around me and to always act as a Christian with the intent to lift up and heal.  I would hope others who use the title would agree, especially when it comes to politics.

If presidential races today tend to bring out the worst in human fears, emotions and ideologies, then those of us who call ourselves Christian metaphysicians are urgently needed to see past the politics and find the opportunities to see the good in people on both sides of the aisle.

The point is: getting caught up in seeing the worst in others, in condemning specific people, emphasizing how bad they are, and dwelling on that—all of it is a type of mob mentality.  It not only separates you from being the healer, it also means you are part of a collective mentality that can do great harm.  Bottom line?  Being cynical, jaded or disgusted is always destructive.  It never heals.

We talk about the need for civility.  That’s good.  But to really be a healing influence requires more than civility.  It requires that Christ-spirit of love, forgiveness, patience, redemption and expectancy of healing.  Why?  Because if you’re not part of the healing, then you’re contributing to the problem.  Time to stop complaining like a spectator and start healing politics!

8 Responses to “Be the healer in politics”

  1. nela says:

    Thanks, Phil, for your clarion call, “Be the healer in politics.” It reminds me that a while ago, I prayed accordingly, and was led to consider our inalienable right, endowed by our Creator, of the “pursuit of Happiness” (Declaration of Independence)…also…“government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” (Gettysburg Address) This is what came to thought: In the Bible, “Happiness” is a synonym for “Blessedness.” We, Americans, are blessed with the sacred power to govern. To govern righteously, we must pursue Blessedness by living in gratitude. Acknowledge our blessings; be a blessing; and share our blessings. It’s the best kind of citizenship! When God/Love leads us, our politics are the uncorrupted and incorruptible operation of righteous government. Healing happens! What an opportunity to prove that “Love is enthroned” (S&H, 454). In America, praying for our leaders begins with praying for ourselves.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Thanks Phil- THIS IS SO NEEDED – thanks for the earnest alert- we have to rise above joining in this kind of divisiveness.

  3. Thankful Phil, his inspiration is always timely and without borders in blessing! :o)

  4. Doris LibeyM says:

    More thanks, Phil!!! I’m sharing this with family and friends on both sides and in the middle.

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