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Phil Davis
Christian Science practitioner Authorized teacher of Christian Science My first healing came as a teenager suffering from depression. A pivotal point for me during that healing was realizing I was thinking too much about myself and not enough about God and helping others. The desire to increasingly love God and others more has been a continuing foundation for my practice of Christian Science. I became Journal-listed in 1985 and became an authorized teacher of Christian Science in 1988. My background before being a Christian Science practitioner was in the technology world. I worked on missile electronics in the military and then became a recording studio engineer. My years preparing for the public healing practice were surrounded by children since my wife was a houseparent at a private school. During this time, I had the rare privilege of teaching Sunday School five days a week to the same group of children each school year for over 10 years. This is where I learned a lot more about the Bible! After that, life got busy with the church headquarters: giving workshops to churches and college groups in the US; managing practitioner and nursing activities; representing Christian Science to media and government at the state level in Illinois in the late 80's; then in Washington, DC, with the Federal Office of the Committee on Publication in the 90's, and on a global level for 6 years, as Manager in Boston. Beyond the privilege of serving in official positions, I cherish Mary Baker Eddy’s words “a real scientific healer is the highest position attainable…”

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