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The actual practice of Christian Science is the ultimate spiritual adventure.

Just the concept of a spiritual adventure means that it is not for metaphysical or theoretical couch potatoes.  It requires getting off that mental couch and getting out there to really love and heal.  The weights of mere tradition need to be dropped behind.  The amusements of social “fellowships” are distractions.  This is a time for real Christian fellowship—the teamwork required to scale the vertical cliffs of materialism and worldliness.  It is time to go against the downward flow of societal thinking and acting.

Christian Science is systematic and exact in its metaphysics.  This means knowing what tools to have with you and how to use them.  Everyone may be on their own journey in life, but that doesn’t make it a Christian Science journey.  To do the latter means making sure you have the inventory and skills that Christian Science alone provides.

This is my goal on this blog site—to discuss the spiritual journey from a Christian Science perspective only.  The idea is to bring clarity to all the confusion floating around out there.  Because knowing what Christian Science really is and practicing it that way is what makes it such a unique adventure that blesses you as you bless and heal others.

I’m glad you stopped by here.  But rather than hang around here, hopefully the thoughts shared will lead you back to a more devoted study and prayer, which is where all true spiritual awakening and healing takes place.

NOTE:  All banner photos above were taken by me.

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