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The actual practice of Christian Science is the ultimate spiritual adventure.

Just the concept of a spiritual adventure means that it is not for metaphysical or theoretical couch potatoes.  It requires getting off that mental couch and getting out there to really love and heal.  The weights of mere tradition need to be dropped behind.  The amusements of social “fellowships” are distractions.  This is a time for real Christian fellowship—the teamwork required to scale the vertical cliffs of materialism and worldliness.  It is time to go against the downward flow of societal thinking and acting.

Christian Science is systematic and exact in its metaphysics.  This means knowing what tools to have with you and how to use them.  Everyone may be on their own journey in life, but that doesn’t make it a Christian Science journey.  To do the latter means making sure you have the inventory and skills that Christian Science alone provides.

This is my goal on this blog site—to discuss the spiritual journey from a Christian Science perspective only.  The idea is to bring clarity to all the confusion floating around out there.  Because knowing what Christian Science really is and practicing it that way is what makes it such a unique adventure that blesses you as you bless and heal others.

I’m glad you stopped by here.  But rather than hang around here, hopefully the thoughts shared will lead you back to a more devoted study and prayer, which is where all true spiritual awakening and healing takes place.

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The revelation of Truth in the understanding came to me gradually and apparently through divine power. (Science and Health page 109)

This passage from Mary Baker Eddy (and in this week’s Bible lesson) is known by many but often misunderstood. Sometimes it is read to sound like the author is saying “The revelation of Truth in the understanding came to me…” slowly, delayed, and maybe “…through divine power.”

Her use of the two words, “gradually” and “apparently” as they were used in her time, reveals quite a different meaning:

“Gradual” means proceeding by degrees, advancing step-by-step.

“Apparent” indicates something that is evident, become clearer or gaining clarity.

This doesn’t just explain what happened to Eddy, but it says a lot about how inspiration from God comes to us. Rather than something fleeting and rare, Christian Science is about God constantly imparting His good to us. And we have a divine right to hear it and feel it!

Here are a few ideas that help me:

  • Keep in mind that God is never withholding from you. His love is always with you. It is world thought that would try to separate you from Him. It is a constant mesmeric suggestion that would mask His voice. Don’t blame God!
  • Stop reacting to what is wrong around you. That just makes it harder to feel God’s peace. At a season when emotions and relationships can get so tense, it’s really important to be looking upward to His peace rather than looking downward and reacting to it all.
  • Stop the binge reading! Christian Scientists tend to do too much reading and too little praying; too much looking under every rock and not enough finding the divine Word that’s right in front of you. For example, read the whole Bible lesson, but then find one statement and pray about it, wrestle with it, focus on it, stay with it, until you feel the Father’s healing touch.

Remember, it’s gradual and apparent. God’s love is felt through spiritual understanding, coming to you all the time, clearer and closer.


The Interview of my podcast has been printed in the January Journal.

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Whether it’s a health problem terrifying you, or the violent terrorism taking place around the world it can seem so overwhelming that you become in awe of it. Such awe tends to paralyze us with fear. And yet, what’s needed is to be in awe of God instead of the terror around us. It is the opposite of fear where divine Love is present.

The Psalmist said in the face of worldwide destruction, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Mary Baker Eddy spoke about accidents in a very broad sense when anything bad happens. She wrote: “When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, ‘I am hurt!’ Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real. Now reverse the process.”

These aren’t just feel-good positive statements like you find so often on social media.  The above quotes help us to tap into the only power there really is—the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God—our Father/Mother—our ultimate and complete protection.

It is our spiritual understanding of God that not only squelches fear, but establishes us under His divine authority. This is how Christian Science not only heals, but how it protects us from all evil.

When this evil is screaming at you, keep this thought in front of you (again from Eddy): “The calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace.”

If you’re not at peace, you can’t be in a state of spiritual apprehension. In other words, by gaining spiritual apprehension or a spiritual understanding of God, you also find yourself at peace.

I’m not talking about being passive or docile, but an active knowing and understanding that our Father is here, right now, loving, defending and holding us. And that peace, that spiritual awe of the Most High is what manifests His power in you—a power that brings real blessings to you and those around you.

These are the processes that reverse fear. Being still and knowing that God is, establishes “His kingdom come.” I’ve seen this practical safety and protection at work, both on world violence issues and personal/bodily ailments.

So when that first inclination is to be overwhelmed by the enormity right in front of you, turn to God instead. Pray to realize how amazing He is and all the love, power and good that comes from Him. Instead of being terrorized, you become a force for good. Instead of a victim, a healer.

Time4thinkers published my answer to The Question of the Week.

Just click on the title to read it:  Do you have to want spiritual growth to get a healing?

My podcast “Learning to love spiritually” just got posted this morning.   (click on the title)

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Spiritual politics

Politics has sure been in the air lately!

I suppose many would view politics as strictly a human activity where we all have our own personal views. And some of us have very strong personal views!

Because of this, I used to think politics was for the most part, argumentative, petty and ineffective—but a statement from Mary Baker Eddy helped raise my thoughts on the subject. She wrote: “I am asked, “What are your politics?” I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government; to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself.”

To me, this statement raised the human concept of politics to a spiritual level. Our ability to change and save our world (not just our country) is all about God’s government; our love for Him and for others. In other words, the most important vote we can cast is for God’s will to be done, and to realize His will and His thought is infinitely beyond our own opinions, no matter how much we think we are right.

As the presidential race in the US moves on towards the election next year, let’s raise our standard higher than just talking up our own candidate and talking down the others. Each day, let’s cast a prayerful vote that really matters—to declare that God is governing each of them and each of us.

And yet, to really affirm our love for God requires two things of us. First, to love God means to calmly, confidently trust Him. No more emotional outbursts! Second, to love God requires that we love all the candidates—not just the ones we like. They are all God’s children you know, even if we think some don’t act like it.

When you really get down to it, there is no greater way to support a campaign and no more effective way to “support a righteous government.”

You might also find a blog I wrote three years ago helpful on this subject:  Be the healer in Politics

Haunting celebrities

Nope, this isn’t a ghost story.

Mary Baker Eddy used the term in her Church Manual to describe what some members were doing to her.

She wrote: “A member of The Mother Church shall not haunt Mrs. Eddy’s drive when she goes out, continually stroll by her house, or make a summer resort near her for such a purpose.”

She had become something of a household name by the twentieth century. The religion she founded, Christian Science, and its church was known worldwide. In contrast, Eddy didn’t do what many do today, she didn’t hire an agent and go out on promotional tours. She devoted herself fully to healing, her writings, publications and the establishment of her church for future generations.

Her example should be a warning to us today.

How do you treat the celebrities around you, both within the church and outside it? Is it a spectator sport for you? What I mean by that is, the gossip of idolizing or criticizing celebrities that is all too common today. Do you do this…even just a little?

Then you are, in effect, malpracticing them. Celebrities, or well-known people are not just characters up on some stage or screen. They are real people. And swooning over them or despising them are just two sides of the same coin when it comes to mental malpractice towards them.

It’s bad enough to see some members reading tabloid magazines, following the lives of their favorite stars, going to lectures or other church talks because of the speaker’s personality and appearance. But I don’t think most people realize how this approach can actually harm others, in addition to themselves.

Here’s a test: if one of your favorite celebrities, called you and asked you for prayer, would you be able to pray for them from a spiritual level, out of a pure love, without any regard for their personality, looks or celebrity status?

If you can’t say “yes”, then I hope you will take up this higher way of loving your famed neighbors. Dropping the shallow for the spiritual, rejecting personality for God’s perfection is the only way to grow spiritually while blessing others—no matter how famous they are.

Then don’t look to Christian Science for help!

The Disciple Peter said, “I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.”

Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. It is not well to imagine that Jesus demonstrated the divine power to heal only for a select number or for a limited period of time, since to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good.”

When you think about it, how could our God who loves each of us equally, bless you with a job or career, while leaving others out in the cold? Competition by its very definition implies this. And for this reason I have never prayed this way for myself or for others.

When going for an interview or applying for a job, how about praying with a different approach? Why not go to give, rather than take?

In doing this, you are praying to support the righteous endeavor of each employee you meet and to know that each applicant, like you, is blessed by divine guidance. That way no one is left out: no one is more loved by God; no one less favored either.

If you get the position, you have the opportunity to continue praying to know your employment supports those around you, even the those who didn’t get the job.

If you are not chosen, it means your contribution is needed elsewhere, and you can thank God in advance for more lessons to learn, letting God set the stage for a greater fulfillment.

Job seeking in Christian Science can never be just about us. It has to go out to support those around us, as Eddy says in Science and Health: “In the scientific relation of God to man, we find that whatever blesses one blesses all, as Jesus showed with the loaves and the fishes, — Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply.”


Freedom from ups and downs

My daily lift was just published this morning.  Click below to hear it.

Freedom from ups and downs


The Christian Science Journal, “Putting it on Record” just published my latest podcast.

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Time4thinkers just posted my answer to this question:

How can I tell the difference between resistance to calling a practitioner for help and a desire to pray about an issue on my own?

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He is risen!

My Daily Lift published yesterday:  He is Risen!

Has anyone ever handed you an article saying something like: “Have you ever seen this from Mary Baker Eddy?!”

Several times a year I am asked if the discoverer of Christian Science wrote certain documents. In most cases she did not write them and I try to steer these inquirers back to her published writings or to documents authenticated by the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston.

I always consider this library to be the final word on what Eddy wrote and didn’t write. And there’s a lot out there she didn’t write!

Articles called “Treatment for Every Day,” “Place,” “The Carpenter Papers” and compilations from them called the “Red Book” and “Blue Book” are being widely circulated and falsely labeled as written by Eddy.

I am not a censor. People have the right to read whatever they want to read. However, I have to say that for those who want to practice genuine Christian Science this other stuff is not it!

But there is a deeper question going on here. Why is there such a desire to read these questionable materials at all?

A dear friend said to me, “Why go beyond Mrs. Eddy’s own published writings of Science and Health and Prose Works? There’s enough there to last a life time!” I agree.

If you look carefully at these spurious materials, you can see that they don’t really sound like the theology Eddy gave us. However, some get excited about finding something new and previously unread from the discoverer of Christian Science. And that causes them to be less discriminating.

In addition, we seem to live in an age of cafeteria religions where people are encouraged to take up whatever they like. And yet, just because it uses metaphysics and sounds like Christian Science doesn’t make it the same by a long shot!

Mary Baker Eddy spent many years making sure the theology of Christian Science was accurately defined and explained. For me, I want to be sure I’m studying the “real” thing.

Standing up to this world’s materialism is hard enough. I don’t want to make it harder on myself by studying stuff that moves me off the straight and narrow course. Remember, the Comforter Jesus promised us is already here. It is the Christian Science found in her published writings, not elsewhere.

We don’t need to look for “new” stuff from her. We need to find the newness in what she already gave us. I know of no better way to become the healers she expected us to become.

The power of pondering

The prospects for healing in Christian Science are tremendous. Imagine actually following in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, Paul, Peter, and Mary Baker Eddy.   And yet the demands on us to reach this goal can seem overwhelming.

I remember times when I would be so stirred by Jesus’ words about “greater works than these shall he do…”; Paul’s call for unceasing prayer; Mary Baker Eddy’s calls for radical reliance on God, total humility to Him, and unswerving obedience to His laws.

I admit there were times when I wondered what kind of study and prayer it would take to accomplish this. Should I just cloister myself until I get it—until I can heal like Christ Jesus and take on the world?

It didn’t take long for me to see the fallacy of that thinking. Christian living requires me to actually live my faith and understanding—by loving and healing others. And, by the way, that also means living a more normal life too!

So instead of seeing these statements as overwhelming demands, I now see them as goals. Goals that require me to grow in my understanding and as I do, express it by helping, blessing and healing the world around me.

And this is where the pondering comes in.

Take the final tenet of our faith from Science and Health:

And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.

Some treat it as a benediction. Some see it as an impossible demand. But when you ponder it as a goal to take seriously then it opens amazing possibilities for your practice of Christian Science.

With me, it began by asking questions such as:

  • Do I really want the Mind of Christ in me?
  • Wouldn’t that Mind of Christ also mean having the ministry of Christ?
  • Am I really ready for that?
  • How would I prepare for such a huge change in my life?

Pondering needs our sincerity, humility and readiness to change. Through this process of discovery and even wrestling with new concepts, we are stirred to consider new possibilities. This results in a greater spiritual vision. And that reveals where our lives should be headed and brings along with it the motivation to change them.

This vision is so needed in our world. The Bible says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” To me, the reciprocal of that says, “Where there is spiritual vision the people flourish and move forward, healing both themselves and others. A very good thing to ponder!




What is the nature of God?

When I look back on all the public talks I’ve given, classes I’ve taught and patients I’ve prayed for, I’ve noticed that whenever there is confusion or a misperception about Christian Science it almost always has something to do with how we view God. What people commonly think about God is typically not what Christian Science teaches about Him. And some of those traditional beliefs about Him seem to be rather entrenched in thought.

In this blog I’m identifying two very common areas of confusion and misunderstanding. One is thinking God sometimes doesn’t care or won’t help you. The other is thinking that God has to know about your situation on earth in order to help you.

Let’s take the first one first.

Maybe you’ve heard these statements before: “I don’t think God is listening to me.” “God has abandoned me.” “I sure wish He would talk a bit louder.”

All these statements suppose God to be capable of arbitrarily choosing when and who to help. And yet, if you start with the premise that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Love, then you realize that our Father is always blessing, loving and giving to us. James spoke about “Every perfect gift” from God having no “variableness or shadow of turning.”

The problem is never God not listening or caring. It is always about us not listening to Him! And what causes that is a worldly or carnal mind-set that tries to influence us to live our lives less focused on spirituality and more towards materiality. That’s what tries to separate us from God. And that’s why we have to “watch and pray!”

Now for the second issue.

God is simply not aware of situations on earth. To many, even some Christian Scientists, that can be a startling statement. “How can God not know my troubles?” “How can He help me if He doesn’t know what I’m going through?”

Well, here’s a great statement from Mary Baker Eddy: “Like a legislative bill that governs millions of mortals whom the legislators know not, the universal law of God has no knowledge of evil, and enters unconsciously the human heart and governs it.”

God’s law of Love blesses, heals and unconditionally loves us but is totally unconscious of our human predicament.

Think about it. If this human condition is a dream we wake up from, why would we want to drag God into our dreams? Speaking for myself, what benefits me most is learning what God really knows about me as His perfect child. I’m here to move closer to Him not for Him to move closer to my problems! The Bible says “God is purer eyes than to behold iniquity”.

Christ Jesus laid great emphasis on our humility, receptivity and childlikeness in growing spiritually. A crowd once asked Jesus to destroy a village for not welcoming them. Jesus responded, “Ye know not what manner of spirit you are of.” It’s like saying, “You guys really don’t know God, do you?”

The more we re-examine our own thoughts about God and look deeply into the New Testament and Eddy’s writings, the greater impact it will have on our spiritual understanding and healing efficacy. And what greater motivation could there be for discovering who God really is?

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